Good Tuesday Morning D13!!

Today we have our ATC event, so our sales crew is ALMOST all Assistant Managers 🙂

This happens a few times a year when I pull the SMs out for a meeting, and these days are always exciting because it represents what the future will hold!

There will be a day that every single manager that runs a store now is gone. Promoted on to bigger and better things as part of the D13 Takeover of Journeys!

When that day comes, WHERE WILL YOU BE?

So, at the end of every interview I ask, “What questions do you have for us?”

Last week, a gentleman named Devin asked me…

“What was the thing you focused on that helped you be successful?”

Good question, right? So what was my answer?

I said…

“100 things had to happen, including hard work, dedication, LUCK, timing etc. However, I’ll break it down into the TWO things that got me here…”

“First, sales. I figured out pretty quick that better sales mean more hours, and more hours mean more opportunity. I make goals by more, I get more responsibility. So I honed my selling skills by asking for help! As I got better and better, I got promoted again and again.”

“Second was people. I focused on sales for close to three years and it got me to a certain point. But I actually remember where I was when it hit me that sales can’t get me any further, and developing people was the next piece of the puzzle that I had to get, and accomplish.”

“I put a major focus on those two things, I got A TON of help from my bosses and mentors, and with a ton of hard work and luck, here I am!”

So as you get your day started today, I invite you to learn a valuable lesson that took me three years to “get”, so you too can have the opportunity to answer that great question that Devin asked me last Friday.

The lesson: Drive sales (Crush all goals) and Develop others (TEACH).

Start the lesson TODAY with the first customer you help, and the first sales associate you work with.


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