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I’m going to tell you a little about myself here so you have a better idea of who you are going to be working with!


My name is Nick. I started a personal blog back in July of 2017 as a place to put my creative energy to some productive use (more productive than redoing my Clash of Clans base 3 times a week!)

As I wrote and found my voice a bit, I was getting some encouraging comments from readers, mostly friends and work colleagues at this point.

I decided to really learn about blogging and how to make money at it. It was a ton of fun to learn and to grow the site! I gave up all my other small hobbies (Clash of Clans, amongst other things) and went full bore building and writing for the blog. I renamed it Origin Leadership Group, and I kept building and building.

The Old Logo

I really started to have a dream of leaving my job and starting my own business, and what was awesome is that I already had the blog to lean on as a way to pivot my professional life!

So in September 2019 I left my career of 16 years to pursue a life as an entrepreneur! I rebranded Origin Leadership Group as the more appropriate named Origin Leadership. 

Origin Leadership

Here’s the fun part…I know a TON about running a successful business from how to operate an organic and incredibly effective recruiting campaign, to hiring, all the way down to social media marketing, with paid and organic both.

I for sure specialize in the PEOPLE part of running a business.

I have two different slogans, and I want to explain them to you because they are perfectly fitting to what I do:

Rewrite the Future of Your Organization and Your Life

This is without a doubt the life blood of what I teach and preach. As human beings, we’re obviously unique in MANY ways, one of them being that we use the past to predict the future.

It’s a huge strength that gives us info to prepare and imagine what is to come!

But that abstract ability becomes a huge weakness as it begins to hold us back as our brains start to say things like…

“No one ever likes my ideas”
“I’m not going to be good enough”
“It’s impossible to find good people”

We use the “proof” from the past to tell us that it’s going to happen again if we even try!

I dig to find those kinds of things to stop people from holding themselves back, and I also am able to find them in leaders where they are holding others back because of something that happened in the past and they are using it to color the future!

I’ll jump to the punch line, and then we can fill in the rest soon..THE FUTURE IS EMPTY.

It can be anything you work to make it, and you can’t predict it even if you have that frustration that says you know that “they will shoot down my idea“.

Together we can rewrite that future and when you see it as EMPTY you can the write the future you want to achieve and then take actions to live into that future!

The second tagline or slogan that I use is…

Make and Impact Not More Rules

This is a much simpler concept 🙂

As I worked in the corporate world before “big data” and analytics existed, I observed a level of autonomy that was present.

As a leader at a company, you were given the keys to the department and asked to hit some predetermined goals and metrics.

As technology advanced, it got easier and easier to pay closer attention to leaders, and thus begin the slow process of increasing the level of micro-management that they had to follow…

Or, said differently, upper management started made more rules.

Then analytics and big data start to grow and all the sudden we can measure EVERYTHING. 

Now the rigidity and sheer number of rules start to really increase and leaders begin to lose control, and instead become “box-checkers.”

There are some businesses where this works great. For most it does not.

So what I teach is how to empower leaders under you through use of well defined and TRUE core values, and then trusting them to perform the way you want them to (instead of attempting to FORCE them to perform).

There you go! Now you understand what I do and how I do it, so then…

Let’s rewrite the future of your Organization and Life!

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