Whats up?!?

I want to personally welcome you what MIGHT be the most important page on Origin. This is where I outline “Our Purpose”, which is the entire reason for even existing!

I also take you through the Core Values that guide us and practically make the tough decisions for us. If it doesn’t align to the CV, then we don’t touch it regardless of the notoriety or $$$ involved.

Worth nothing, you aren’t going to read anything about honesty, integrity, or ethics in any of this.

The reason: IT’S IMPLIED.

We honor our word and we expect our partners to do the same.

The reason for posting these front and center is two fold…

  1. So anyone that wants to collaborate with us can see what we’re about prior to reaching out.
  2. So you get an idea of the kind of work that we do.

We believe that the key to winning lies in the connection with the people. Call it leadership, call it relationships…we call it connection. The answers to performance issues live right there so, we build there prior to going deep on any other strategies or protocols.

Thank you! And with that, I give you what I call…

Performance Through People

I belive in building teams through the people, and raising performance (aka WINNING) by building strong connections with employees AND with supervisors.
Is training important? Of course!
Are meetings and strategy and mission statements important? Probably. Sure. Yeah. HOWEVER…

It all pails in caparison to the impact that THE CONNECTION will have. When you know WHO that person standing next to you truly is, and why they’re in this adventure we call business with you in the first place, then greatness is truly possible. What are their strengths and what are their goals? What are their motivations? How can you help them grow and achieve these goals? These are the questions that we push to answer as we build greater PERFORMANCE THROUGH PEOPLE.


The Purpose: What Origin Leadership Group Exists For

Simply stated, we’re here to to Add Value to Others.

As a person that LOVES to teach and mentor, I started Origin to grow the number of lives that I could touch. I want to guide others through tough leadership situations, and be able to invest in them as they grow as leaders and managers.

The Values: Our Guiding Path

These are the things that mean the most to us. Business without these just isn’t worth doing.

Take Care of Your People – This doesn’t mean give the everything they ask for, or over pay them. It means put your arm around them and battle in the trenches with them. Do what is right for the company because when the company wins, then it opens up opportunities for your people.

Infinite Learner – Embody a beginner’s mindset. Always stay curious and open minded to new ideas. Look for a way to learn in everything we do.

Thinking is NOT Doing – Be proactive and assertive. Decisive. This is not a behavior but a MINDSET. An inner trait. We ATTACK issues, situations, and problems rather than react to them.

Innovation– Push the vision of the teams that we work with through creativity and forward thinking. Don’t just THINK outside the box, strive to ACT and LIVE outside the box.

Own It. ALL OF IT – No complaints, no blame. ┬áDo what needs to be done. Do it when it needs to be done. Own all mistakes and learn from them.