1. Put in the Application
Get your name in their system, and don’t worry about the resumé!

2. Follow up in person
Go to the place of business in person and ask for the hiring manager so you can make an impression.

3. Dress appropriately
Slightly out dress the person interviewing you.

4. Be confident
You are going to get hired, and you know it, and you’re excited about it.

5. Be direct
Smile a lot
Approach the hiring manager when they come out
Hand shake = Lean in, firm, 2 seconds too long

6. Assume the Interview
Get the interview set up by saying “I’m excited for the opportunity to sit down with you.”

7. Know your schedule, be flexible
If they set up the interview for a time when you have something else going on, tell them you’re available, and then reschedule your prior engagement.

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