Leaders Change Lives

I've worked at Journeys a long time. I've got asked why 1000 times. I've had a few different answers over the years, but now when someone asks me why I love it at Journeys, the true reason comes out of my mouth naturally, effortlessly, and POWERFULLY. My answer... "The leadership. Yeah, I love shoes. Yeah, Journeys … Continue reading Leaders Change Lives

Leaders Don’t Motivate, They Inspire (and the difference between the 2)

A long time ago I had a conversation with a DM about motivating people. They had this big explanation as to why it was SO important. At the end of the explanation, I aggressively disagreed... I don't motivate. I don't teach others how to motivate. It's not our job, and it's not an effective form of leadership. Let me explain...

19 Rare Motivational Quotes for Business Men. Click to Experience all 19 Quotes! #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #motivation #quotes

19 Rare Motivational Quotes for Salespeople

You have a meeting coming up? You need some motivational quotes? Look: You can hop on Pinterest and get 50 whimsical quotes. or.... You can google it and get About 32,400,000 results (0.54 seconds). The issue with all those motivational quotes, is that your team has seen them before. They have googled it, and they've seen … Continue reading 19 Rare Motivational Quotes for Salespeople

Employee Motivation Quotes

13 Badass Connor McGregor Quotes

Connor McGregor is know for his quick-wit, one-liners, and extremely cocky persona. He's a trash talking UFC Champion that hails from Dublin, Ireland. Carrer Highlights: In 2015 Connor McGregor defeated José Aldo for the UFC Featherweight Championship at UFC 194 via knockout thirteen seconds into the first round. This is fastest title fight in UFC history. Connor defeated Eddie Alvarez for the UFC Lightweight … Continue reading 13 Badass Connor McGregor Quotes