Offense or Defense (The 2 Mindsets)

Good Tuesday Morning! There are 2 mindsets in life. Just 2... Offense or Defense Offense is about "scoring points". Think about the person being on attack. It's acting on an idea, it's making a move when you see an opportunity, it's waking up early to grind, it's staying late to grind, it's taking action. There … Continue reading Offense or Defense (The 2 Mindsets)

Crazy Lucky (The Lottery of Life)

It's mind boggling how lucky we are to be here. The odds of being born a human are 400,000,000,000 to 1. That's so unlikely to happen that it's practically impossible...yet here we are! It's like winning the ultimate lottery!!   So then what do we do with it?? Do you have any idea the amount … Continue reading Crazy Lucky (The Lottery of Life)

Find What You Value (The Epiphany)

My opinion is... Values vs Tactics, values will always win! Quick Reminder: Tactic = A tip. An action. A life hack. Values = A religion. A ritual. An overall philosophy on everything Without a doubt the most powerful lesson in this has been that when I follow my Values (my heart), all the things that I … Continue reading Find What You Value (The Epiphany)

It’s Values vs Tactics (The Power of Positivity)

It's Values vs Tactics, and Values Win "Positivity is a force multiplier" I've embraced a lot of things in my life; Leadership, discipline, simplicity, passion...but they all just felt like tactics that I was attempting apply. There was a certain "staying power" that was missing. Tactic = a tip, an action, or a life hack … Continue reading It’s Values vs Tactics (The Power of Positivity)

Leaders Change Lives

I've worked at Journeys a long time. I've got asked why 1000 times. I've had a few different answers over the years, but now when someone asks me why I love it at Journeys, the true reason comes out of my mouth naturally, effortlessly, and POWERFULLY. My answer... "The leadership. Yeah, I love shoes. Yeah, Journeys … Continue reading Leaders Change Lives

Get the Results You Want!

Good Tuesday Morning! "If you’re not getting the results you want, change what you’re doing." -Adam Robinson You’d think that would be obvious. You would think people would pivot, or they would change, but they don’t. They do more of the same. They double down on what they’ve already done. They try harder. Or... They … Continue reading Get the Results You Want!

Leaders Don’t Motivate, They Inspire (and the difference between the 2)

A long time ago I had a conversation with a DM about motivating people. They had this big explanation as to why it was SO important. At the end of the explanation, I aggressively disagreed... I don't motivate. I don't teach others how to motivate. It's not our job, and it's not an effective form of leadership. Let me explain...