Good Friday Morning!

It’s on us to BRING THE ENERGY. The customers feed off it. The employees feed off it. The winning feeds off it.

So, yesterday I was the MG on duty of Underground 23 in Mobile. When Jonna, Shan and T’erra walked in at noon, the store felt different to them….I didn’t have time to move a single shoe or shirt. As a matter of fact, I was so focused on the customers that the store was actually 10 times messier than when I got there, because I had tried to start changing something, only to STOP, DROP and SELL when a customers came in.

What was so different then????


I hear this from time to time…”Nick, it’s so much busier when you’re here!”

You’re right! The store attracts more customers because the ENERGY is up.
Its the LAW OF ATTRACTION at work.

I’m not special. I PROMISE YOU I’M NOT. I was only selling from 10am to 12pm. The girls did all the rest of the winning. I just brought the energy, and it changed how “work” felt for everyone. It changed how Underground 23 felt to the customers.

We went on to increase +274% and take 5th highest volume on the day (its a $700,000 store).

Conversion was up 106%. ATS was up 36%

That energy that YOU bring creates an atmosphere that makes customers want to talk to us. Makes employees want to win more. Makes CMs want to stay late to hit their goal, and makes PTs want to check SOPs 5 times a shift.

Don’t over complicate it.

So how do you bring the energy???? It’s actually my new email signature…


Bring it this weekend D13!

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