ATC was the best way to get the team together!! We worked on building a house together and it was super rewarding! I absolutely love being around all you guys, so the whole day was a pleasure!
The keyword there though is TOGETHER.
This whole Journeys thing. The RegiONE thing. This D13 thing. It’s a partnership and it’s one that is not easy to build!
We come into this career as a person with bills to pay or goals we want to achieve. We’re on the lonesome highway alone, and we’re gonna do our best to succeed! We may be lost or misguided, but we’re damn sure ambitious.
Then as we start to realize that Journeys isn’t just another JOB or some PAYCHECK, we begin to open up to the fact that there’s a future here.
But that future isn’t one that’s a lone-ranger type.
That future is forged through the relationships we build…at first with your boss, and then as we grow many more connections are formed with subordinates.
It’s a 50/50 deal that we have to keep our integrity on so the other person can grow and succeed…”THE OTHER PERSON”
We compliment each other
We complete one another
My strength pushes you
Your strength pushes me
Together we are stronger. So I’ll meet you in the middle, and let’s build something special!

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